Officers & Directors

Kent, President ADSA

Kent Rupprecht is a founding member of the AKC breed club the American Dutch Shepherd Association and its predecessor the Dutch Shepherd Club of North America. He started searching for his first Dutch Shepherd back in 2000, after a failed attempt in 2001 to import a puppy, he traveled the Netherlands to attend 2002 World Dog Show and meet breeders. He returned in October of 2002 to pick up his first Longhaired Dutch Shepherd, only the third Longhaired dog to come to the United States. He return to the Netherlands in 2006 to pick up a second puppy. In 2019 he imported a bitch he hopes to breed with in the future. Over the years he has had FCI and UKC conformation champions, whelped three litters, and had dogs titled in CGC, CAT, Farm Dog and Herding instinct. Kent is committed to the mission of the ADSA to promote and protect quality and versatility in the purebred Dutch Shepherd, to educate members and others about the breed, to encourage the highest standards of ownership and breeding, and to strive to bring the breed’s natural qualities to perfection.

Molly, Vice President ADSA

Molly McGreevy got involved with the Dutch Shepherd when she bought her first working line Short hair Dutch Shepherd mix in 2006, her second one was in 2009. After a serious illness in 2015, Molly decided to focus on her dream of dog shows with a long hair Dutch Shepherd. She searched for several years on many waiting lists. In 2016 she got on another waiting list only this time she imported her dream puppy. Molly enjoys dog shows and dog sports and her first show dog has her Certificate of Merit and her Farm Dog Certification, and won best of variety at The National Specialty in 2019. Molly enjoys rally obedience, sheep herding and dock diving with her dogs. Her Long hair Dutch Shepherd had her 1st litter in 2020, 6 puppies. She loved the experience raising puppies and hopes to continue showing and breeding Long Hair Dutch Shepherds in the future. Preserving and protecting the breed in all 3 varieties is a mission that she strongly believes in.

Carol, Secretary ADSA

Carol has been involved with purebred dogs since the late 80s when she acquired her first Samoyed. She has raised and trained several breeds including English Setters, Havanese, German Shepherds and most recently Dutch Shepherds.
The breeder of 20 AKC Champions, Grand Champions, All-Breed Best in Show and Best In Specialty dogs, she has also judged conformation at regional Havanese specialty shows.

For over 30 years Carol has been active in AKC local, regional, and national all-breed and specialty clubs, having served on committees and/or on the Board of the Nashville Dog Training Club, Atlanta Toy Dog Club, Samoyed Club of Metro Detroit, Lawrenceville GA KC, Forsyth Kennel Club, Winston-Salem Dog Training Club, the Havanese Club of America and the Southern Magnolia Havanese Club. She looks forward to working cooperatively with the ADSA Board and membership as the club pursues AKC Herding Group status for our beloved breed.

Jerusha, Treasurer ADSA

Jerusha J. grew up with German Shepherds and shepherd crosses. Enthusiastic about animals of all sort, she has volunteered at farms and rescue organizations and now operates her own farm in northern NY. She grew interested in the Dutch Shepherds after coming across them while researching rare breeds. Jerusha purchased her first long haired Dutch Shepherd, Hollandroy Yaro in 2019 from Finland and has been delighted by his strong work ethic helping around her farm and by his comic personality.  She continues to import dogs internationally and is focused on temperament, obedience and having well rounded farm dogs.

Nellie, Director-at-Large ADSA

Nellie Nugteren has been secretary to the Dutch Breedclub from 1997 till
2005 and was voted in as president of the club in 2014 and is still holding that position. She got her first Dutch Shepherd shorthair in 1989 and has owned short-, long- and roughhaired DS at the same time. She has bred RH and SH litters. She has done agility, obedience and search training for fun more than competition. She has met quite a lot of breeders and owners in Europe and the United States and has attended Clubshows in Europe as well as the Specialties in the USA. She is committed to connect Dutch Shepherd owners wherever they live and is committed to educate owners and other about this breed, promote the Dutch Shepherd and encourage breeders keep the highest standards in breeding to preserve the breed’s natural qualities and beauty.

Sylviane, Director-at-Large ADSA

Sylviane holds teaching degrees in both Dance and Physical Education. After teaching a few years  in France, Sylviane moved to Pasadena, California 30 years ago to take advantage of the thrilling Fitness environment present in the Los Angeles Area. After competing at the Aerobics World Championship and appearing multiple times on ESPN’s Fitness Competitions, she started a successful personal training business two decades ago where she has been using her expert knowledge of biomechanics, emotional factors, and mental motivation to train long time clients.  

For many years in France and the US, Sylviane has been very keen to dog training and has thought to bring her comprehensive and extensive training and motivational experience gathered along the years to the dog world. Sylviane has several dogs training certifications. She is Gold Student NePoPo certified from Bart Bellon. She has also a few certifications from Michael Ellis.

For the last decade, she has been breeding, raising, and training her own Dutch Shepherds and she has also been actively exhibiting her dogs in dog shows around the country, becoming a well-known ambassador for the beautiful Dutch Shepherd Breed. One of her Dutch Shepherd is AKC FSS CM3 and has won the ADSA open show in 2021. Most of her dogs are Trick Dog Champions. Her dogs have won awards at multiple dog competitions. She is also competing with her dogs in Obedience, Agility and Rally.

Sylviane believes that training dogs needs to be fun, balanced, and motivating to keep both the owner and the dog focused specially in the early and most formative periods of a dog’s life as a puppy. Sylviane heavily emphasizes communication and behavior because dogs mistakes are often due to failure to understand the command that was communicated.

Jody, Director-at-Large ADSA

While living in the Netherlands in 2018, Jody and her family brought their first short hair Dutch Shepherd into their lives and discovered the joy of working with a biddable, agile, and strong dog. After returning to the US, she trained and competed in conformation, scent work, agility and competition obedience and decided to bring a second short hair Dutch Shepherd into the US from the Netherlands. They now reside in New Hampshire and, in the summer of 2023, raised a litter of 6 beautiful pups. Jody has been a member of the ADSA since 2019 and is committed to the mission of the association, to promote the purebred Dutch Shepherd, educate the public about the breed and the three varieties and encourage high standards of breeding to protect the quality and versatility of this wonderful breed.